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View of the Hudson

DSC03129DSC03128Catskills, New York

On a beautiful November Saturday we left early on a 9:50 MetroNorth Train to Cold Spring New York for a day of hiking in the Catskills. We knew that it may be the last chance to hike this fall without freezing and having to dress in multiple layers. Getting out of the city is always a luxury, but leaving on a train sitting next to a window that offers an opportunity to stare at the fall foliage and Hudson River as you ride up to the Catskills is a joy!

I’ve done several hikes in the Catskills now, but Mount Taurus was potentially one of the best hikes I’ve done in the Catskills region, and possibly DSC03170DSC03158DSC03169in America.

After taking the train from Grand Central to Cold Spring, which takes about 1 hr and 20 minutes, walk down to the town of Cold Spring and Main Street. From there hang a left on Fair Street and walk down the road until you hit the parking lot for Little Stony Point. From there we started hiking and took the 2.5 hour loop that is dazzling. Of course it took our group a little more than 2.5 hours because it was so beautiful everywhere we had to stop and take pictures, eat snacks, and commiserate about how out of shape we all were!

I recommend the white trail to the yellow trail. Once you’re on the yellow trail look for signs for the red trail and stay on it for a bit because you’ll pass ruins, old farmhouses, and little waterfalls. After you’re done with viewing the ruins, stay to the left and head back to the parking lot on the blue trail.

Highlights of the trail : Stunning Hudson valley vistas of the Hudson River, Mount Taurus, Breakneck Ridge and other mountains in the range. Challenging uphill hike but gradually levels off. It is certainly less technical than the Breakneck Ridge Hike which requires hikers to use all hands and feet to scramble over the rocks. I enjoyed this hike slightly more than Breakneck Ridge because of the views of the Hudson Valley. Plus it’s a bit longer.

For more info on how to get to Cold Spring and about the hike in general check out these links:



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Also you can purchase the trail below at a great Kayaking adventure outfitter store on Main Street in Cold Spring, right before you make the turn onto Fair Street.

East Hudson Trail Map

East Hudson Trail Map


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