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On a cold March day we ventured out of our apartment and the confines of Manhattan to Flushing, NY for the “Indian” experience. Our goal was to hit up the Ganesha Hindu Temple in Flushing New York for some spiritual relief and great food, of course.

Based on my research, the closest Hindu temple to Manhattan is the temple in Flushing. It’s currently undergoing some renovations, but remains lovely. The entranceway to the temple is flanked with different figurines of Lord Ganesha (the remover of all obstacles) and allows for natural light to filter in. Once you enter the temple – there is a small shop to purchase offerings for the Gods that include coconuts and incense. I would have to say based on past experience in India, this is as close to the real thing as you’re going to get without buying a 1k dollar ticket to the real deal.

Once you finish paying your respects or watching the other Indian people move through their religious routines, hit up the Temple Canteen for some amazing South Indian food, including dosas, idilis and uttampum. Being the pigs that we are, we ate dai bhara (a yogurt battered dish with chutney) at the canteen, but then we walked around the corner of the temple to go to the Dosa Hut.

The Dosa Hut is a hole in the wall, no frills watering hole for Indians. Compared to the dosa in the city, this place gets a excellent rating. The cheese dosa and Special Rava Masala Dosa rate among the best. Pictures are attached, no drooling please!

For the price of $2.25 you can escape from the concrete jungle to Queens for a relatively close Indian experience involving Hindu Gods and food.

p.s. Visitors or non-hindus are allowed or even welcomed in the Temple, as long as you’re respectful.


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